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What it means to be ‘Looked After’ outline of resources available

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Here is the outline of the topics and resources available in this unit aimed at understanding young people and the challenges they may face being ‘looked after’:

  1. What ‘looked after’ means (text 5 mins) – understanding what this legal term means.
  2. Video on Children’s Hearings by CHS (🎬 4 mins) – explains the roles of various people in a Hearing or Panel.
  3. Attending a Children’s Hearing (🎬 4 mins) – This is a film by Scottish Children’s Reporter, aimed at young people, to explain what happens at a Hearing.
  4. Challenges young people face (text) – More about the challenges young people looked after at home can face.
  5. Empathy vs Sympathy (🎬5 mins) – short animation by Brene Brown
  6. Adverse Childhood Experiences (text and 🎬5 mins) – Understanding the importance of ACEs for health and wellbeing and what can be done to reduce their impact, including some films by the NHS about ACEs and how to change this.
  7. Additional ACEs film by NHS Wales (🎬10 mins) which is a stronger version than the NHS Scotland one (this is not included in the Thinkific module but may be useful for coordinators to use in other sessions)
  8. Attachment and Trauma (🎬50 mins) – Zoom Session by Seonaid Graham of Glasgow City Council Care Experienced Team. Also included are the powerpoint slides and video on ‘Still Face.’  An edited version of this is available in the Thinkific module.
  9. One Good Adult (🎬3 mins) – film by Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS on the importance of a supportive adult to wellbeing.