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Screening of Staff and Volunteers

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This is where safeguarding and child protection starts for every intandem charity. Each charity must have an opportunity to identify adults whose involvement with children would be inappropriate. Comprehensive recruitment and screening processes are key to this.

Screening will take place when applicants are being recruited for a new role as a relevant member of staff or volunteer mentor. It will continue at regular intervals throughout the individual’s engagement with the charity.

Before an individual is offered a role as mentor or staff, they must be screened through the following mixture of formal information gathering and subjective assessment:

– The applicant must complete an application form and be confirmed as aged 18 or over;

– A PVG Scheme Record must be obtained and inspected;

– A minimum of two references from non-family members must be taken up;

– An interview with the applicant must be undertaken, part of the purpose of which is to identify if there are any safeguarding reasons why the applicant should not be selected;

– As part of an extensive training programme prior to engagement, training in safeguarding and child protection must be given;

– At the end of the training, all trainers involved must confirm that they have seen nothing in the applicant’s behaviour or attitude which give them concerns;

– All new staff and volunteers must sign up to a code of conduct, one copy of which is to be retained by the charity.

Screening of the mentor or member of staff will continue throughout their engagement with the charity. This should be incorporated within regular support and supervision sessions. The approach here is difficult to determine in advance as it incorporates a significant degree of subjective assessment. However, through questioning the individual about their activities and relationships, it should be possible to gain insights into behaviours or attitudes which could raise concerns.

On a minimum frequency of once every three years, individuals should be re-checked through the PVG scheme (by requesting a Scheme Record update).