Suggested Wording – Recruitment of Staff

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We have prepared some wording to describe the intandem programme which you should use in your recruitment materials:

intandem, Scotland’s mentoring programme for young people, brings together vulnerable young people with a mentor to build a consistent and trusting relationship, and improve their chances in life. The Scottish Government has appointed Inspiring Scotland to lead the development of the intandem programme.

(Please note that the word intandem should start with a lower case i.)

If you wish any further text to describe intandem, please feel free to include either or both of the following:

intandem aims to promote the wellbeing of each and every child or young person who is matched with a mentor.

The focus in every mentoring relationship will be on developing the child or young person, recognising and building their strengths, and providing support and encouragement to deal with difficult and challenging situations in their lives.