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Introduction to Volunteer Recruitment

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intandem aims to promote the wellbeing of each and every child who is matched with a mentor. The focus in every mentoring relationship is on developing the child, recognising and building their strengths, and providing support and encouragement to deal with difficult and challenging situations in their lives.

Equally we want to ensure that children grow up in an environment which is safe, and where they are protected from harm. Every partner charity funded by Scottish Government’s intandem programme has a responsibility to implement clear practices and policies to identify and act on risks to a child’s wellbeing.

In this section you will find the minimum requirements relating to both staff and volunteer recruitment policies and practices. We know many organisations will have detailed recruitment and selection policies in place, so the information below is for guidance. Only screened adults will have contact with children, and all adults who have contact must be trained in safeguarding and child protection.

On joining the intandem programme, your Performance Advisor will review your existing practices and policies to ensure that you are operating at or above these minimum requirements.