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Using Polls

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(Source: Digital Unite’s No-Nonsense Guide to Hosting Zoom Meetings)

The host can set up polls before the meeting starts and then launch them by clicking on Polls in the bottom toolbar. Once launched, all participants will see the question on their screen and be able to answer it. Once the host has given sufficient time, they can close the poll and then show the results. With poll questions you can have single choice or multiple choice options.

To be able to do this, polling must be enabled in your Zoom settings – if you’re not sure it is, check Zoom’s advice on enabling polling.

Video Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step guide by Zoom (will open in a new tab), including how to create and configure polls ahead of a meeting.

Polling in webinars is slightly different – here’s Zoom’s step-by-step guide for polling in webinars.